The SC4 1145A Ilco 1176 Key Blank ONLY is UNCUT and 6 pin. This item may be supplied using different manufacture equivelents and is dependent on available inventory at the time of order. Equivelent manufactures part numbers are listed below-


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95 Axxess     S5 Alba     002 HPC     SH5 Silca     SC  4 Curtis     SC4 ESP     SC4 Ilco     SC4 Jet     SC4 Cole Nat'l     SC4 Alba     SC4 Jet Ditto     SC4 Silca Pronto     SC4 Hillman     SC4 Kustom     SG5 Kis     SG3 Kis     S13 Fuki     120 Mister Minit     4591 Hazelton     485L Börkey     976A Stewart     924C Old Schlage     A107 Atlas     A145 Dominion     A145 HD     6SH1 Star     686E Niessen     SH6R Errebi     SH6C Errebi     SHE9 Lotus     SCH6 CEA     SLG  4 JMA     101C Silca Image     101C Ilco LA     145A Dominion     145A Taylor     145A Osco     159J Keil     C111B Edmonds     6SH1C Star     SHE10 RR     SLG  4S JMA     SLG  4E JMA     SLG14 Orion     1145A Ilco     1145A Orion     2627H Graham     35  101  C Schlage     101C  NS Silca Image     101C  NS Ilco LA     101C  NS Jet Silver     6SH1C  NS Star     101C  NS  DND Ilco     101C  NS  PLAIN Ilco     100C  NS  PLAIN Ilco   

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Please provide as much information below about your key selection to insure we send the correct key code when filling your order.

Example- What is the application the key is used on? I.e. Tool box? Truck Cover? Tonneau Cover RV? Office Equipment?

What is the manufacture and/or model number of the equipment for which you are trying to replace the key?, etc.

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